People move in Hong Kong – as they do all around the world – for many reasons. If you’re sharing a rental, your flatmates may be moving on. Your young family might be growing so you need to find a larger home or your children have flown the nest, so you’re looking to downsize. Whatever the reason, finding a new place to live in Hong Kong can be daunting, yet with the right team, you can help make the move less stressful and allow yourself more time to continue with your normal day-to-day life. If you are looking to pack for yourselves when moving home in Hong Kong, here are a few tips to make your moving day a success.

Pack Your Essentials Last and Unpack Them First

What is the first thing you will need after your move is complete and you are safely in your new home? Your toothbrushes, pyjamas and a change of clothes for the next day or an electric kettle along with tea or coffee? Definitely keep pillows and blankets handy for night time. All of these items should be the last things for you to pack after using them in the morning of your move. Put them in a box that’s clearly labelled and easy to differentiate from the rest, so you know which one to unpack first. 

Prepare an Overnight Bag

You should also pack a small suitcase with extra clothes, sleepwear, skincare, phone chargers, your laptop, tablet PCs or any other items you may need in the first few days without having to search high and low for them. It is suggested to keep items of value, such as electronics or jewellery, with you during the move. 

Pack Every Item Carefully

Even if you’ve chosen FairWay Movers for your move, you may choose to pack your own belongings when moving home in Hong Kong. If you choose not to use our experienced teams to help you pack and label boxes, make sure all items are packed and supported properly in their boxes. Try to use the same size and shape boxes throughout the move to make the stacking of them simpler for the removals team. Remember that many boxes may be packed on top of them, so ensure they are well padded with packing materials and keep fragile and breakables located separately. If you have run out of packing supplies, you can use sheets or clothing. Remember that when packing your own boxes, you may not be insured for breakages as the FairWay Movers moving teams are only insured when they have carried out the packing.

Mark Your Boxes

When packing your own boxes, make an inventory of what is in each box. Make sure to label them according to the room in which they should be unpacked. This allows your removals team to know where each box needs to go and not have to consult you constantly. Colour-coding each area of the house to match certain boxes is a simple and effective way to achieve this.

Find A Reliable Moving Team 

Asking friends and family to help move your belongings may sound like a great way to save money but can lead to fallouts and tension and may not be worth the dollars you save in the end. So finding the right removals company for moving home in Hong Kong is important. FairWay Movers offer insurance, the right tools to move delicate objects, purpose-built vehicles and years of experience so you know your belongings will be safer with us. 

If you’re looking for help from start to finish throughout the moving process, the team at FairWay Movers can pack your belongings, transport them to your new home and unpack them, allowing you to relax as much as possible during the process. Call us or contact us via our website.

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