FairWay Movers is a name synonymous with removals across the globe. We have more than 600 locations around the world and offices in over 40 countries. Our removals experts are present in each of these countries, which allows an insight into each countries’ nuances for immigration and imports. Each office runs to the exceptional standards set out by our Global Service Charter, so we are not just the best movers in Hong Kong, we believe we are the best in the world.

Our Quality Assurance Programs

We strive to be the best movers we can be, so we have established quality assurance programs, such as the aforementioned Global Service Charter, so you can expect the same high-quality service from our company anywhere you go. We are ISO9001 (Quality Management) and FAIM-ISO accredited. These are the industry’s highest quality accreditations and are rigorously checked and audited, ensuring we meet and exceed expectations.

We keep an eye on customer satisfaction through our Customer Services Measurement. Independent surveys are carried out to collect the opinions of our clients in order to gauge our performance. Our operational and quality management teams use this information to identify and rectify any issues as soon as they arise, so we can keep our company running smoothly and our clients happy.

We Help from Start to Finish

When you decide to move, we are there to help. As the best movers in Hong Kong, we provide free quotes to move and/or pack your belongings. We only use sturdy double-walled boxes, premium packing materials, special boxes for moving glassware and artwork. More importantly, using our packing service helps you save time, thereby alleviating stress and freeing you up to focus on other important matters, such as reassuring your children about the move and letting friends and family know you’re leaving. There is no need to start packing weeks before you move; live your life normally and we will come to pack your items in the days before your relocation then move them anywhere around the world.

Other Relocation Services

Your relocation is not just about transporting your possessions. If you’re moving overseas from Hong Kong, you will need visas and to fill out customs forms for everything you take with you. We can help you with the customs paperwork, while providing advice on visas required for your international move. If you’re not moving indefinitely, there is a delay in your move date or you’re relocating to a smaller abode, we can put your items into climate-controlled, secure storage. We can also help you relocate your pets and vehicle to your new home country if you choose.

The Bottom Line

We really do believe that FairWay Movers is the best mover in Hong Kong. We can help with anything you need, from small household moves to large office relocations. If you’re moving in Hong Kong, please call us on (852) 69396794 or fill out the form on our website.

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